June 14, 2017

Good afternoon!
As I type this, the sky is grey and there’s (still) a chill in the air. Being from Las Vegas, I don’t mind a chill, but I also appreciate those perfect summer days (and nights) – not too hot tho (afterall, there’s a reason I left)!!
For some of you, summer break has hit and the rest of us are counting down the days. We’ve already planned out our menu through August (yes, really), because based on the unpredictability of the weather, we want to have well-rounded offerings for you: a healthy mix of grab-and-go entrees, as well as a few that are more comfort-foody for those chillier days that drop in unexpectedly (and we’ll always have some Souper Natural options for you).
Keep stress OUT of your evenings, spend your summer nights with the people and activities that really matter: we can help you bring good food IN.
Please let us know if you have any questions…and we’ll see you SOON!!