Our Story


Eleissa was born and raised in Las Vegas, but has lived in Oregon pretty much since leaving OSU (go Beavs!). She has two tremendous girls, along with her hubby, who keep her busy and laughing every day. She is happiest when her friends and family are gathered, enjoying meals they have thoughtfully created together. For five years, working full time with two small children and a husband who was out of town one to three nights per week caused significant anxiety in the dinner department. She was torn between wanting to spend time with little ones she has missed all day, and wanting to provide them with a solid dinner.

Eleissa’s love of food is influenced heavily by the meals and treasures her mom, relatives and friends have prepared throughout her life. As she was growing up with two working parents, school activities, and sports practices, she can remember sitting down to dinner as a family most nights of the week. Now as a parent, it is her priority to sit down each night over a meal with her family and build relationships as her little people grow.

She has been blessed with children who are wonderful eaters, so it has grown Eleissa’s desire to provide balanced, varied and interesting meals, but she also loves trying new recipes (hence a substantial cookbook collection and Pinterest recipe obsession). This combination generally results in a bit of a mess in the kitchen (just ask her dishwasher/husband), but the end result is certainly delicious and with the right amount of planning and preparation makes for stress-free evenings focused on the people she loves the most.  Pick Your Dish now enables other families and busy folks to sit down, enjoy time together and savor a freshly-prepared meal.